Hello 33K Lions!

Have you ever lost your keys,

misplaced your glasses or remote..

WELL THE 33K EYEMOBILE would like your help in locating

A misplaced SPOT CAMERA!

If you have borrowed one and have not returned it…. PLEASE DO!

 Please check around your homes, in your closets, in your car, or offices.  The Spot Camera is black with a large lens and is in a black nylon bag labeled Welch Allyn Vision Screener!

The Board of Directors of the 33K Eyemobile would greatly appreciate if the Spot Camera can be returned to the 33K Eyemobile.

Please contact 

Ted Abbett 781-884-3790/tsaabbett@comcast.net or Cissy Seeto 508-816-4839/ccjj6417@gmail.com