District 33K Lions

General Descriptions of District Committees - This provides a brief overview of some of the most active committees in District 33K.


Materials for Region/Zone Chairpersons

Region/Zone Chair Club Contact Form

Region/Zone Chair Visitation Report

Region/Zone Chair Cabinet Report

These forms are self-explanatory and may be filled out online, saved to a PDF form and emailed to the necessary officers

General Materials for Club Officers

Tax Filings - Instructions on Required Federal Tax Returns

Attorney General Reporting - Instructions on where to find forms

Mass Secretary of State Filings - Instructions on when due and forms

Zone Chairperson Resources - Training materials, reporting forms, introduction letter samples


Club President Resources - Training materials as offered during District Training & from LCI

Club Secretary Resources - Training materials, reporting requirements

Club Treasurer Resources - Training materials, helpful forms

Club Membership Chair Resources - Training materials, Blue Badge and Pride forms, Orientation materials.

Club LCIF Chairperson Resources - Helpful Resources for your Clubs LCIF chair

Club Global Action Team Resources - Understanding GAT (Leadership, Membership, Service)

Other Helpful Resources - Lions International & Beyond, helpful Lions links and Club meeting protocol information, necrology service.



Training Materials and Other Resources for Lions