District 33K Lions

Performance, Recognition, Involvement, District and Club Excellence


The PRIDE Program is designed to recognize those seasoned Lions who go above and beyond and give them the recognition that they deserve. At the same time the program is designed to lead long time members on a path that will continue and strengthen their commitment to both the District and their individual clubs. This program cannot be completed without being actively involved in your own club's functions as well as helping out at the District level. The PRIDE program for Lions is a tool that can be used to help focus membership to get and stay involved with the club, district, and their community.

A handsome lapel pin awaits the Lion who takes advantage of the PRIDE program. To receive the PRIDE lapel pin, this form must be completed during the Lion fiscal year of July to June and submitted to Jose Mesmar or by mail: 5261 Timberview Way, Marlborough MA , 01752 or by email to jmesmar@yahoo.com

We will award pins to those who meet the requirements at all district’s advisory meetings, midwinter (Feb), state convention (May),or during one of your club’s functions, if preferred.

Like the Blue Badge Program, we've made it easier than ever to track your efforts. You can now fill out the online PRIDE or Hogan application online.

GMT Orientation Blue Badge & Pride Program Coordinator
Jose Mesmar & Ivette Mesmar


The District 33K BLUE BADGE PROGRAM has been designed to welcome NEW LIONS and give an overview of the many aspects of Lionism on a Club, Zone and District level.

Your role as the Sponsor of a new member is critical in this orientation process. Upon the completion of the "BLUE BADGE"  requirements by your new member, he or she will receive a "Blue Badge" Pin. Please actively assist your new member with this program.

The next twelve (12) months are vital in forming a quality member. Share your knowledge about your club and Lions with your new member. Help your new member with the resources found on the LCI website, and please be available to answer any questions your new member may have... and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!

In order to complete your Sponsor's  responsibilities, you must complete the following requirements:

1. Become familiar with the "BLUE BADGE PROGRAM' requirements.
2. Develop a "Game Plan" with your new member as to how you will complete this program.
3. Attend meetings with your new member whenever possible.
4. Date and initial your new member's "BLUE BADGE" CARD upon completion of each of their requirements. When all requirements are met, return the card to your Membership Chairperson.
5. Remember that a Sponsor's obligation is a continuing one -- Take pride in your member!!!

We will award pins to those who meet the requirements at all district’s advisory meetings, Midwinter conference (Feb), State convention (May), or during one of your club’s functions, if preferred.

We have made it easier than ever to participate in the program by providing you with this online method of tracking your participation and submitting the completed form. Please use this online form: Blue Badge Application